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Inner Circle

Great projects can be created when the great minds come together. Inner circle is a group of people who are early adopters of the Bitindi and who supported the project extensively. Want to join the party?

Glowing universe

Want to contribute to the Bitindi project intensely?

  • We welcome you to be part of the elite group of people who are heavily dedicated to the success of the project. And we will share you Inner Circle reward pool with you.

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  • For Market Influencers

    If you have lots of followership in various social media, then you can help promote Bitindi and become a brand ambassador.

  • For Dapp Owners

    If you have a Decentralized Application (Dapp) of noticeable user base, then we welcome you to use our network along with your other networks.

  • For Developers

    If you build lot of Dapps for your clients, then we welcome you to build on Bitindi network.

  • For Content Creators

    Creating useful content (blogs, videos, discussion, etc) has long term impact on brand credibility. So, we welcome you to create more useful content relavent to crypto under Bitindi brand.